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We offer a range of products approved and used by various aerospace companies.


Our range of IRMCO metal forming lubricants has revolutionised the metal perforating industry.


We offer a range of totally non-oil metal forming lubricants for virtually any metal forming or stamping operation.

Tube Bending

IRMCO mandrel bending gel has become the benchmark lubricant and enables the production of clean, non-drip bends that can be welded without washing.


IRMCO Drycut-2010 MQL cutting lubricant outperforms traditional flood coolants, minimises tool wear reducing overall machining overhead.

If you have a metal forming process using oil as a lubricant, we can offer a non-oil alternative.

Why Go Oil Free?

Industry Leading Performance

IRMCO GEL has become the benchmark lubricant for mandrel tube and pipe bending worldwide. IRMCO are the only company with 4 non-oil metal forming aerospace approvals.

Reduced Tooling Cost & Down Time

IRMCO FLUIDS provide optimal protection for tooling surfaces and parts – reducing wear and downtime related to maintenance. The improvements to tool life result in increased efficiencies and line speeds.

Clean Running

IRMCO FLUIDS offer improved part cleanliness and weld-through capability over oil based chemistries.
In many instances, pre-treatment process bath life can be increased and cleaning temperatures can be reduced – saving energy and improving safety.

Welding, Assembly, Cleaning and Painting

In most cases, parts formed with IRMCO products can be welded or assembled without prior cleaning, providing significant energy and process efficiency savings. IRMCO lubricants have the highest rating for reducing paint defects, caused by residual lubricant.

We supply industry with container volumes from 1L up to 1000L